We craft fast, captivating websites, and make you stand out

At Lotus29,

We focus on creating an online presence full of originality for our partners. Standing out from your competition with a modern, sleek, unique website gives an incredible competitive advantage.

When that careful recipe of website is tastefully marketed through search engines and targeted online channels, forget it. You get noticed.


  • Be the boldest lily in the pond
  • Display beautifully across all devices
  • Have a custom built design, capable of any feature, tailored to success in your market
  • Retain visitors with fast load speeds and sleek design as a result of the newest techs available


  • Be another lookalike, built from a template
  • Have an outdated design that does not adapt to all devices
  • Consist of a typical CMS foundation with security holes, bugs, and slow loading times
  • Drive traffic away by being difficult to traverse or not offering features that users seek

Our Process


We design a customized solution that fits your needs to a tee. Our design ideas are not hindered by the limitations of a template website-builder tool, such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSoft, or countless others -- which the overwhelming majority of web development companies use. Every small detail of your website will be crafted to be as engaging and attractive to your customers and fans as they can be.


We build a website powered by the industry's latest tools; the same utilized by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB, and more. As we do not use off-the-shelf content management system (CMS) builders, your site will only contain what it needs. This will make your site faster to load and navigate, more user-friendly, highly secure due to no CMS security-holes, and uniquely captivating when compared to to your competition -- who are overwhelmingly likely to have a non-unique, bloated site that was built with a CMS template-builder. Your site will be uniquely fast, secure, and engaging.


We grow your online presence. As time passes, you will see yourself appear and rise on localized google results, as well as search engine rankings. We provide additional avenues of growing your brand via social media management & paid advertisements across channels that are tailored to draw traffic to your business's or cause's mission.


We will fully maintain and update your website, or create a CMS that allows you to make updates yourself, while being available for anything you ever need. If you want us to perform updates, there will be no learning curve or time dedication required on your end. Anything you ever need, we will be available and get to work on it within a day. If you want to make updates yourself, we will develop a platform that allows you to update what needs regularly changed, while still being available to assist or make intricate alterations.


When you stand out among your competition, you become the best

Our Partners


Primitives Candles is a beloved candle business located in Galeton, PA in Potter County. Tailoring our design of the site towards that of a local, hand-poured candle business where strong, lasting scent is their biggest competitive advantage, we created an intuitive, welcoming ECommerce site. With a large product listing to browse, feature sections to draw attention towards current deals, a modern shopping cart that appeases owner and customer, and a flow to the design that brings it all together, Primitives Candles now has a very strong, unique online presence, and is quickly taking market share in the candle space in its area.


Web Design & Development

Our small team contains design, development, and marketing expertise that enables us to craft unique websites that tend to see a traffic increase of at least 250% upon launch.

Modern, Responsive Designs

We treat our designs as if they are works of art. Art that draws customers to your business or cause, and must adapt to display beautifully on all devices, including phones and tablets.

Quality Infrastructure

Our front-of-the-industry development tools enable us to offer levels of uniqueness, speed and scalability, and feature possibilities that are rare to find in the web development industry due to their complexity. These tools are used by companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Airbnb, and Uber for a reason.

Unique & Attractive

Your website will not be built from a WordPress or Wix template and changed around a bit to fit your business's name. We create designs from the ground up that are tailored to your target markets and will make you stand out among your competition.

Speed & Scalability

Our development platform allows us to create websites consisting of the quickest page loading and processing times possible -- traversal between pages on your website will happen nearly instantaneously, which keeps users interested in what your website offers them -- as well as offer endless scalability without speed or quality repercussions.

Any feature within reason

Our team has expertise in more than just website design. Networking, security, desktop & mobile applications, databases of all flavors, machine-generated big data, and graphic design are all part of our expertise. We offer intricate website functionalities, like fully customized content management system (CMS) integrations, user registration and profile platforms, eCommerce integrations, and booking platforms. Talk to us about what you envision for your business. We will make it happen.

Web Technologies We Use

Online Marketing

A business's foundation is rooted in its product and service, but its success hinges on being known. Expanding the avenues that you are seen results in increased click-through rates. As little as $1 a day can put your site in the eyes of over a thousand people.

Search Engine & Advertisements

Your search engine placement is the most important part of your online presence. We evaluate your target market and do extensive research as to what they will most likely be searching for when looking for the services or products you provide. This is the foundation of the content and design of your website.

Social Media

71% of Americans are active on Facebook. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms are a huge component in standing out and gaining an engaged audience for your business or cause. Regular posts and activity will help your online following grow and allow you to become known on a widespread scale. One popular post that becomes shared by hundreds or thousands can cause an incredible boom.

Google Places

While search engine optimization targets someone searching specific keywords anywhere in the world, Google Places targets only those near you. If you have ever googled something generic, like 'plumber', you will see contact information for plumbers around you appear on the map and the top of the results. It is the most effective way to attract business in your area.

Paid Ads

Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn -- these all contain potential customers that don't know you exist. We determine a target niche to go after and start small. As we write ads and gauge the response and click-through rates, we will ramp it up or shift our focus, whichever utilizes your money and has the opportunity to expedite your growth with the most efficiency possible.

Our Marketing Areas of Expertise

Web Application Development

We build experiences. Experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and stress-free for you and your users. ECommerce, CMS, booking platforms, or customized requests -- we will work with you to create what you need.

Pinpointing Requirements

We discuss what you are looking for thoroughly. We discuss all painpoints that could arise from designed iterations of your application, and find a way to resolve them each step of the design. Making sure that every requirement and detail is known and planned ensures that the project flows smoothly and you get the quality you are looking for.

Design and User Interface

We know that the user interface is the most important piece of any application. It is the centralized focus in all our designs, and everything else -- while given just as much thought and care -- comes second to the user's experience.

Powerful and Lightweight

The tools used to build your application are capable of being configured to any scale, ranging from one user to millions. The user experience, as well as your management tools, will always remain fast and free of frustration.

Web App Tools Utilized


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Lotus29 is a website design, development, and digital marketing company based in Wellsboro, PA: a rural town in Tioga County. Our mission is to form long-term partnerships with our customers and help their businesses grow. Like you, we are a small business that cares about results and relationships above all else.

We Are Unique.

  • Custom designs, not templates
  • Latest tools, not sluggish and outdated
  • All work is done by us -- no outsourcing

Chris Hume - Owner & Developer

Chris has been learning and working in many areas of tech for the past six years, becoming comfortable utilizing the newest technologies, and completing any part of the development process, anywhere from development to network security to marketing. Through this time, he has attained a degree in Computer Science from Mansfield University, and has designed, created & marketed high-traffic web applications that have greatly lowered costs & increased online traffic and revenues for small businesses and corporate entities. Chris enjoys being active and traveling with family, and seeking out delicious chinese restaurants.

Casey Lane - Co-Owner & Designer

Casey finds enjoyment in nearly everything nature and art. She has had painting, photography, sketches, graphic design, and interior design-centric hobbies and jobs since she was little. Her attention to detail is both her best accomplice, and worst enemy, when it comes to the outcome of her beautiful creations. She brings an imaginative, incredibly unique eye and skillset to the team. Casey has a strong love for animals, especially her cat, Yoda, nature, and going on adventures with family.